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Mom in the Mountains | Outdoor Baby Shower

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I am so happy to tell you all that we are starting a new series on the blog! This series will be called Mom in the Mountains. From the name you can probably guess what will be included in these posts, but I'll fill you in anyways. You all know my partner Thea is about to become a Mom, well you do if you've been in the shop lately and noticed her belly growing. So, she is will be our resident Mom here at Mimi's Cookie Bar. And she'll be sharing all sorts of things about being a Mom in the Mountains. We live in one of the most beautiful and secluded places in the country, and sometimes that can bring on additional challenges. As if being a Mom isn't hard enough. Thea will share tips, tricks, recipes and insight to being a working Mom, living at 8,000 feet all while keeping up with her active and healthy lifestyle that brought her to Mammoth Lakes in the first place. If you love the outdoors, work, have kids and struggle to juggle it all sometimes, then you'll fit right in here. 

To introduce the series, we thought what better way than to start with Thea's Baby Shower! So, here's some adorable photos of her outdoor baby shower that we held at Shady Rest Park last weekend. If you're looking for a sweet place to host a baby shower on a budget, the outdoors is the perfect place! Thea hosted a BBQ in the park and I set up an adorable Dessert Bar. Matt and Delaney grilled up hot dogs and corn and we had plenty of dessert. The boys played games while the girls drank wine. If you want to host a co-ed baby shower, this sure is the way to do it! If you're looking for outdoor baby shower decorations like these Thea got the adorable paper table cloth, plates and cups from Shop Sweet LuLu and we made mint and peach the theme. This is hands down my favorite Baby Shower Cake! The two tier cake was Gluten Free Cookie Dough on the top for Thea and the bottom was Salted Caramel. I used India Tree Sprinkles for the top tier and ColorKitchen to dye the bottom and boarder.

Stay tuned for the next Mom in the Mountains...

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